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Empower your audience with actionable advice from a profitability expert.

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Wit & Wisdom

When you meet Brooke Lively, you are struck by her intelligence and candor. She is approachable and kind, yet demands self-awareness regarding your business financials.

And, with expertise in growth management, creative problem solving, and profitability strategy, Brooke has the background to teach audience members exactly how to make data-driven decisions.

Author, speaker, profitability expert, and founder of Cathedral Capital, Brooke is exactly who you want to engage and empower attendees at your next event.

Brooke accepts a limited number of invitations to speak per year.

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From Panic to Profit

How 6 Key Numbers can make a 6-Figure Difference in your Law Firm

Most attorneys go to law school with the promise there won’t be any math. But once they own their own practice they realize that the “numbers” are critical to their ability to grow, serve more clients, and run a profitable business. They may have a desire or the ability to educate themselves, but very little time to do so and no clue where to start.

In this educational session, Brooke gives a crash course in how to discover, understand, monitor, and use the most important numbers in your firm’s finances to increase your profitability.

Attendees walk away knowing:

  • The 6 key numbers that should be tracked in every firm
  • How to find those numbers
  • Who is responsible for them
  • What they tell you
  • How often you should be looking at them
  • How to use them to increase your profitability

The Profitable Firm

Creating an efficient cash cycle that allows you to make better spending decisions while making money.

The fact is, most lawyers are running “practices,” not profitable businesses. They’ve bought into the idea that unproductive team members and low collection rates are a cost of doing business. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

By learning how to control aspects of your cash cycle, you will gain greater efficiency and higher productivity; and increased profit is a natural result.

Audience members will:

  • Learn what strengthens and weakens your profit margin
  • Establish a spending plan that allows your firm to make more money
  • Know how to boost collection rates
  • Gain insight on employee accountability and productivity
  • Know how much money to spend on marketing, payroll, and overhead—and how much should be left for profit

Boost Your Collection Rate

How to make more money without doing more work.

If you could grow your collection rate by 15% or more in less than a year and increase revenue, all while improving client relations, would you?

In this keynote, Brooke teaches her audience to do exactly that. It doesn’t require more staff, more cases, or more working hours; it simply requires taking a proactive approach to your client relationships to reduce A/R.

Audience members will leave with:

  • An understanding of Accounts Receivable
  • Knowledge of how to establish expectations in conversations with clients
  • The why (and how) for taking payment timing out of clients’ hands
  • Any and all forms needed to implement what they’ve learned

6 Key Numbers® Workshop Series

Each of the 6 Key Numbers® can be expanded into a one-hour workshop or combined for half-day or full-day programs.

Cash Flow Forecast

Eliminate cash crunches, make quality long-term decisions, and bring stability to your firm when you learn to assemble and use a Cash Flow Forecast.

Sales Calls Booked

Gain an understanding of what brings prospects to your door so you can know the revenue and workload to expect in the coming months, and plan accordingly.

Work in Progress (WIP)

Learn to use the WIP report to make better spending decisions as well as help employees improve their efficiency and productivity.

Net New Cases

Avoid overloading your team when you estimate future workload by tracking Net New Cases. Knowing your hiring needs months in advance means you’ll never hire out of desperation again!

Budget vs. Actual

Determine whether you’re set to achieve your goals, and learn how to course correct. Use the data from the Budget vs. Actual report to stay on track for the business and life you want.

Owner Benefit

Take home the money you deserve by evaluating expenditures with a list of best practices. Learn where to increase or decrease spending to manage a well-run firm and eliminate financial stress at home.

5 Reason You Should Book Brooke


As an owner of a professional practice you may feel apprehensive about not understanding your financials, but we promise Brooke has seen worse. She treats every participant with respect and understanding.


Because Brooke has seen it all, she creates an environment where audience members can speak openly about their business’s financial challenges.


Brooke demystifies business financials for her audience and gives them a starting point for learning to leverage their data. Guests leave with less stress, more self-assurance, and clear steps to increase profits.


Brooke knows that the years of education that made you an expert in your field did not necessarily prepare you for owning a business—and that is okay! She simplifies what could be an intimidating topic and gives attendees actionable tips for interpreting their financial data.


Participants leave each of Brooke’s presentations with specific tools to use within their businesses that same day. By applying these tips and techniques, they immediately experience fewer fires and increased profitability within their practices.

Brooke was a dynamic speaker who kept the pace moving on what could have been a boring topic. She knows her subject and was happy to stay longer to answer extra questions. Attendees left with a plan of things they could do that day that would make them more profitable!

Kelly DeckerDecker Poole, PLLC President of Women's Section, Tarrant County Bar Association

The most intimidating subject for business owners is financials, until now. Brooke Lively gives you the tools and easy-to-follow directions to make your financials easy to digest, navigate, and improve!

Mike MichalowiczAuthor of Profit First and Fix This Next

There are many books that help you strengthen your data component. Brooke’s is one of the best.

Gino WickmanAuthor of Traction and Entrepreneurial Leap

As we open new markets we hope to get her on our stage again!

Matthew N. Davis, Esq.Attorney. Speaker. Author.

You can’t scale without cash, and Brooke walks you through how to forecast, manage, and increase cash to keep your business growing

Vern HarnishFounder Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and author of Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0)

Brooke is a fantastic and engaging speaker. We regularly have networking events with a couple of hundred attendees. Brooke kept our audience engaged and amused, which given she presents on accounting speaks to her abilities.

Matthew N. Davis, Esq.Attorney. Speaker. Author.

Brooke accepts a limited number of invitations to speak per year.

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