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Actionable advice to eliminate financial stress and increase your bottom line.

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You deserve to have a profitable business that supports the life you want to live. My goal is to get you there by showing you the simple changes you can make every step of the way.

Brooke Lively

When it comes to your business financials, ignorance is not bliss.

Do you worry about cash crunches such as:

Making Payroll?

Juggling Credit Card Payments

Paying Rent on Time?

Or even how you’re going to retire someday?

How would you describe the current financials of your business?

Scary? Intimidating? Can you even give an accurate description?

The fact is, many business owners like yourself don’t know where to start when it comes to their business financial statements. They may know they are ill-informed, but they don’t have a trusted adviser to turn to, and it seems easier to simply not talk about it.

But deep down, they also know that operating their business from this place of anxiety and fear means it will never quite reach its full potential. It doesn’t have to be this way.

From 30 years of experience and working with hundreds of businesses we’ve discovered exactly how you can replace this fear and anxiety with confidence and informed decision-making on your financials. We do this through our Profit Plan process, which consists of 4 simple steps outlined below.

The Profit Plan Process

Our Profit Plan process makes it easy to turn your financially unstable, anxiety-ridden business into a system that works for you rather than against you. We guide you through 4 simple stages. Financial cash crunches and daily “fires” can be a thing of the past. When you use the Profit Plan, you can spend time on your business instead of feeling trapped in your business.

Design Your Business

This is where you set your goals. Let’s envision your professional and personal lives so we know what we’re aiming for and can create a roadmap to get there.

Stabilize Your Business

Next, we’ll focus on how to control your cash, stop turnover in your staff, and bring in a steady stream of new clients. This will provide the stability you need to put an end to cash crunches and create a cushion in your calendar, bank account, team, and leads.

Predict Your Business

Then, we’ll fix your roadblocks to scaling. This will empower you to adjust your business both up and down so you can get the results you want without creating unintended consequences for your business.

Scale Your Business

Finally, we’ll set you up for long-term success and continued growth with a sustainable strategy that builds impact and legacy.

Our Profit Plan Delivers Key Benefits

Peace of Mind

Ditch the crisis mindset for good when you face your financials head-on and discover effective solutions.

Informed Decision Making

Learn to identify and use the right data to make quality decisions that are aligned with your business goals.

Increased Profits

Watch your income grow exponentially when you implement sound financial practices.

The most intimidating subject for business owners is financials, until now. Brooke Lively gives you the tools and easy-to-follow directions to make your financials easy to digest, navigate, and improve!

Mike MichalowiczAuthor of Profit First and Fix This Next

There are many books that help you strengthen your data component. Brooke’s is one of the best.

Gino WickmanAuthor of Traction and Entrepreneurial Leap

As we open new markets we hope to get her on our stage again!

Matthew N. Davis, Esq.Attorney. Speaker. Author.

You can’t scale without cash, and Brooke walks you through how to forecast, manage, and increase cash to keep your business growing

Vern HarnishFounder Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and author of Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0)

All attendees gave her the highest score on our survey; one member commented her presentation was an A+!

Becky CholewkaWealthCouncil Arizona

Brooke is a fantastic and engaging speaker. We regularly have networking events with a couple of hundred attendees. Brooke kept our audience engaged and amused, which given she presents on accounting speaks to her abilities.

Matthew N. Davis, Esq.Attorney. Speaker. Author.

Not only was her verbal presentation engaging with the audience, but her worksheets were practical and easy to use.

Becky CholewkaWealthCouncil Arizona

3 Ways to Work With Brooke


Whether you're planning a monthly Bar Association event or an annual industry conference, empower your audience with steps they can take the same day for increased profits.

Brooke's messages are practical and action-packed, always focused on how listeners can better understand their financials for better results.

CFO Services

Brooke's company, Cathedral Capital, is entirely focused on helping businesses implement the Profit Plan at a number of different levels with its CFO services.

Whether you just need an evaluation and clear next steps or you're looking to outsource your CFO seat, Cathedral Capital has you covered.


Brooke has authored multiple books, all focused on the practical steps business owners can take to better understand and leverage their businesses' finances.

With easy-to-follow guidance, Brooke's books quickly become an essential desk reference for anyone trying to run a successful business.

Free Video Course: 4 Simple Steps to Greater Profit

Do you feel qualified to run a successful business, armed with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions, or are you like the majority of attorneys—a staggering 70%—who don’t feel law school prepared them to be successful business owners?

If you relate more to the latter, and find yourself concerned about cash flow all too often, my free video series 4 Simple Steps to Greater Profit is exactly what you need to minimize stress, free up your time, and increase your money (both in the firm and your personal bank account).

Success in your professional practice doesn’t require burnout. Sign up to receive 4 Simple Steps to Greater Profit today.

Meet Brooke

Keynote speaker, author, successful business owner, and profitability expert, Brooke Lively is as accomplished and intelligent as they come. She has logged years of experience owning, operating, and growing her own companies, as well as coaching and consulting hundreds of business owners toward greater profits and sustainability. And yet, even with her accolades, she’s friendly, approachable, and one of the least judgmental people you’ll ever meet. With her straightforward and empowering nature, she’s someone you want on your team.

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